Our expertise in the following areas ensures your company receives quality parts to your specifications and delivery requirements:

Repeat Production (Our Specialty)

  • Does your company have a regular requirement for machined components?
  • Do you prefer to utilize blanket orders to cover your demand over multiple months or even years?
  • Do you want the comfort of knowing that your precision components are being produce on the same machine tools and under the same conditions delivery after delivery?
  • If you answered yes to one or even all of the questions above our 24-hour machining facility can help.

2, 3, 4, & 5 Axis CNC Turning & Mill/Turning

  • We can address your simplest turning requirements with our 2-axis turning centers and produce your complex components on our Mill/Turn machines all under one roof.
  • Many of our machine tools offer sub-spindles that allow us to combine operations and reduce our overall through put.  This provides our customers complex components quicker.

3, 4, & 5 Axis CNC Milling

  • Do you have GD&T requirements that necessitate machining parts from multiple sides in one machining operation?
  • Do your parts have complex surfacing requirements?
  • Our 4 & 5-axis machining cells can address your precision tolerances, complex GD&T requirements and surfacing features.

CNC Swiss Machining

  • Do you have a need for precision small diameter components with complex milling features and broaching requirements?
  • Do you have precision metal components in the .75” to 1.25” diameter range that are currently being produced on traditional turning centers?
  • Clean Machine can help our customers address these dilemmas with it’s 32mm (1.25”) diameter Swiss machine tool. 

Service 24 hours a day 6 days a week.

  • Clean Machine produces parts while you sleep.
  • Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day, six days a week to meet your machining needs.

Inventory management such as KanBan and Consignment requirements.

  • Do your inventory systems, such as KanBan, that would be better served by flexible vendors?
  • Do you have purchasing practices such as consignments or blanket orders that are not embraced by all your current vendors?
  • We understand that such practices and systems are implemented to help increase efficiency and profit for all those involved.  Therefore we find it imperative to participate and support our customers in such endeavors.

Design for Manufacturing Solutions

  • Does your company lack machining capabilities and expertise?
  • Do you have design flexibility for your feature intensive components?
  • Clean Machine can provide a review of your component design and offer suggestions to reduce costs and improve machining efficiencies.

Post machining requirements such as paint, anodizing, and plating.

  • Do your machined components require post processing such as anodizing, painting, thermal processing, or penetrant inspection?
  • Are you tired of vendors who quote such components and “machining only?”
  • Clean Machine has developed its Approved Supplier List to incorporate these post-processing needs.  Let Clean Machine manage these requirements for you.